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Congratulations to all of the newly engaged, brides to be!

If you’re on this page, then I’m guessing you’re dying to start dress shopping – am I right?!

Whilst dress shopping is undoubtedly an exciting part of your bridal journey, (even I am guilty of trying the dresses on from time to time) it can sometimes be quite daunting and challenging. We want your experience to be as easy and stress free as possible, so I’ve comprised some tips below to help you on your way…


Your wedding date and venue are your stage for the day, and they will very much influence the style of dress that you choose, as well as your dress budget.

The venue and time of year, will undoubtedly be reflected in the style of dress that you choose. For example, the dress that you would wear for a destination beach wedding would be very different to the dress that you would wear for a church wedding. Think about your venue and its surroundings – are there cobbles or steps or do you need to get on and off a boat? If so, you may need to choose a less fitted dress, as very fitted dresses are somewhat impractical.

Your wedding date can often effect the cost, as if your date falls under the designers lead time, then you will incur additional costs. If you have less than 4 months until your wedding date, then you may need to purchase a sample.

The ideal time to start your dress search is a year in advance as this will give you an indication of what your wedding day will be like and it will help you to visualise everything.


In all the excitement you may want to skip this step; you cannot order a wedding dress without at least a wedding date, so this is essential. We do not take any appointment bookings without a wedding date for this reason.




Whether you prefer Instagram or Pinterest, create some collections or boards by saving images of dresses that you like. Are you noticing any similarities between the styles of dresses that you have saved? Are they the same designer or even from the same shop? If you find that you are pinning bohemian and non traditional dresses, try to find out the designers of these dresses. On each designers website you can find a stockist list, and from there you will find the store. If there is a particular style or dress that you are interested in (and yes this does happen – we have had brides fly in from as far as Dubai/Hong Kong for a specific dress) then don’t be afraid to contact the store first to check that they have a sample.

Ask about prices. Your budget is crucial when dress shopping – going to try on dresses that are in an unattainable price bracket will only lead to upset and disappointment further down the line.


When you feel that you have done enough research and you are ready to start your dress shopping journey, compile a list of dresses you would like to try on or shops that you would like to visit. We would recommend visiting no more than three shops, however this is up to you. From experience trying on too many styles or visiting too many shops can become overwhelming.

If you do not feel ready to commit or fall in love with a dress yet, then perhaps wait a little longer before booking an appointment. Whilst we do not agree with high pressure sales and there is no stigma to choose on the day, there is no point in coming to try on dresses if you will not allow yourself to choose one yet – this will only hinder the process.




Choosing a wedding dress is a very personal choice, and we believe it should be a reflection of your personality and an embodiment of yourself day to day.

It is not uncommon for everyone to volunteer to come with you; wedding dress shopping is a lot of fun and a truly special experience but too many opinions can make things very confusing.

Ensure that the people you bring with you are on board with your vision whatever that might be. Show your guests your Instagram or Pinterest board so that they have a clear understanding of the style that you like.

If you want to have a humanist ceremony in a naked tipi, maybe don’t bring that one relative who still thinks you have to wear a meringue and get married in a church followed by a reception in a hotel with chair covers… just saying.



Yay! You’re ready to start dress shopping!

It may be that you need to travel to visit us or other stores on your list, so make sure you give the shop sufficient notice when booking. For evenings and weekends, we recommend booking in advance. It is very rare that we have availability on Saturdays with short notice but we might be able to fit you in midweek.

For appointment booking on Saturdays and after 4pm, a £20 deposit is required on booking. We will also be taking a £10 deposit for weekday appointments before 4pm from. Due to the government guidelines, brides can currently only bring just one guest from their household or bubble. You can find more details about guest policies and appointment deposits on the YOUR APPOINTMENT page. Appointment deposits are redeemable against full price purchase within two months of the appointment, or refundable if cancelled with more than 48 hours until the allotted time.

To book an appointment please fill out the CONTACT page and I will be back in touch to arrange your appointment.



I hope that the above is of some help to you, and I look forward to meeting you soon!



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